3 ZEUS Build System v0.7.4-beta released

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New release: https://github.com/dreadl0ck/zeus/releases/tag/v0.7.4

This release adds support for using multiple scripting languages (python, javascript, ruby, bash) + adding custom languages in the config.

Custom color profiles have been implemented and can be configured in the config.
The new YAML script header is lot easier to read and simplifies the parsing logic & header extension.

Two new builtins have been added:

  1. edit builtin, for quickly editing files on the commandline
  2. generate builtin, for generating standalone versions of the build scripts

The globals have been refactored, to support a multi language setup.

This version intruduces a new directory structure:

  1. all files that belong to zeus have moved into the zeus directory
  2. all scripts moved into the zeus/scripts directory

The tests were improved, as well as the README, preview gif and overview graphic.

Addionally lot of code cleanup & renaming took place, come have a look!

ZEUS Build System: https://github.com/dreadl0ck/zeus

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