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HTTPSify v3

A Let'sEncrypt based reverse proxy, that will automatically generate & renew valid ssl certs for your domains, it also enables the http/2 protocol by default and uses roundrobin as an algorithm to load-balance the incoming requests between multiple upstreams

Quick Start

# Using Docker

Just run the following and then have fun !!

$ docker run -v $HOME:/root/ -p 443:443 alash3al/httpsify

# Building from source

You must have the Go environment installed

$ go get -u github.com/alash3al/httpsify

# Configurations

Goto your $HOME Directory and edit the hosts.json to something like this

	"example1.com": ["http://localhost"],
	"example2.com": ["http://localhost:8080", "http://localhost:8081"]

As you see, the configuration file accepts a JSON object/hashmap of domain -> upstreams, and yes, it can loadbalance the requests between multiple upstreams using roundrobin algorithm.

Also You don't need to restart the server to reload the configurations, because httpsify automatically watches the configurations file and reload it on any change.

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