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Performance of Golang vs Python is a much debated topic amongst developers as well as Business end users. A business is only as good as the services it delivers and how promptly and efficiently it does so which is why the question of Golang vs Python arises. Every aspect of almost each and every business today is dependent on its technology back up. The kind of software’s it uses, data security, intrusion detection, virtual private networking, and storage are only some of the several issues an enterprise needs to handle. Given this scenario, most enterprises prefer to outsource their IT services so they can concentrate on what they do best. However what is of extreme importance yet overlooked by most top-level management is overseeing the programming language being used by the IT services company for developing programs, web applications, data analytics etc. We help you understand go vs python comparison in enterprise needs.

Though most companies you choose to outsource your IT services from, make this decision on your behalf; it is always best to be a well-informed novice. For enterprise development, some of the most commonly used programming languages are Python, Java , Golang, Perl, PHP etc. When you choose amongst the many options that you have, you might want to consider the fact that “Google’s Golang beat Java, C, Python to programming language of the year crown”

Python comes as a close competitor to Golang. Thus, we help you understand why Golang is still a better choice over Python for all your enterprise needs. Lets discuss go vs python:

Go vs Python-The battle of languages

1. Scalable Business

One of the first things that any modern business needs is scalability. Enterprises grow at a rapid rate making it absolutely urgent for the IT Backup to be supportive of such growth. It is worth mentioning here that Python-based web applications find it tough to scale across multiple cores on a single machine due to the limitations of the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL).

Golang on the other hand has many built-in features designed to handle several “concurrent web requests”, which in turn makes it a very efficient language for compiling a program as opposed to Python . When a language is able to handle several concurrent requests it automatically also has high scalability. As an enterprise grows the programs used will be required a do a number of things at the same time. Thus any growing business will be able to handle scalability issues better with Golang support for its back-end programs.

2. Faster Performance and Concurrent

It is an established fact that between Golang vs python, Golang performs much faster (sometimes 2x or 3x faster). This is because Golang is more resource efficient as compared to Python . Python makes use of resource-demanding threads, while Golang uses isolated goroutines, which helps save on resources such as CPU and memory. This type of resource efficiency not only helps in faster performance but also brings about cost efficiency.

3. Safety

Golang is a very safe code by virtue of the fact that each variable must have a type associated with it. This means a developer can’t skip details which might then lead to bugs. Thus an enterprise can save time and cost spent searching for bugs and then ultimately debugging. Thus in a time and age when agility is of core importance and gives an enterprise a competitive edge, great debugging tools in a programing language are a serious advantage.

4. Clear Syntax

Golang web programming is outstandingly simple due to its clear syntax, which holds zero unnecessary components. Since utility is a key component in Golang, developers are now free to focus on development itself. This helps in reducing the go-to market time and also prevents the cost of eventual error correction.

All these factors put together are contributing towards the immense popularity of Golang even when compared to a language as established as Python. Though the advantages of Python cannot be ruled out, it is safe to say that Golang is the best language for Enterprise Applications and all Business related activities. Thus, Golang surely wins the battle between Golang vs Python.

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