2 Companies using golang

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Companies Using Golang

Of late we have helped several Businesses move their existing enterprise applications from a more conventional programming language to Golang. Golang has several success stories even though it is a relatively new language.
Let’s list down few companies using golang; to help you better understand why your Enterprise needs Business Solutions powered by Golang.

Companies Using Golang

1. Uber:

Uber has GeoFence lookups to show its users’ vehicle availability at a particular location, defining areas with specific requirements such as airports, and then implementing pricing accordingly. The GeoFence lookup turned out to be Uber’s highest queries per second (QPS) service as compared to the several others they run. Writing this service in Go turned out to be a good decision. Uber found Golang to have High performance in throughput and latency. They also found Golang to be extremely reliable as the service had 99.99% uptime. To top it using Golang also reduced the company’s Go-To-Market time as it is easy for developers to learn this language and the code is easy to maintain.

2. BBC:

Well, well guess who else has been using Go. It’s none other than BBC Worldwide who used Golang as early as 2012 for backend development and production of different games (mobile as well as social). They even developed Social media crawlers and scrapers written in Go for an internal analytics product. Apparently, they have also successfully implemented Golang in developing Web services that front various object stores.

3. Novartis:

The other big companies using Golang is Pharma Giant Novartis. Due to proprietary nature of the application, not a lot of details about the project are available. However, it is a web application that allows scientists to order cell lines from an existing inventory system. The applications CQRS architecture for the service layer is in Golang. Further, PL/SQL scripts were also executed from within Go. The scripts do the updates on the database and output JSON strings which Go parses. Don Dwoske who developed the Go Application rates his experience with Go as fantastic, and he found the final code to be very expressive and elegant.

4. Soundcloud:

Now, Soundcloud is essentially an organization using Ruby on Rails frequently for its front end. However, they have opted for Golang in several instances. One of the more exciting instances was when they used Go to develop their build and deployment system. The platform manages the deployment of internal services. Golangs concurrency factor made it an ideal choice for this kind of complex project.

5. Basecamp:

Another predominantly Ruby company opting for Golang is Basecamp. They find Go appropriate for their backend services and infrastructure. Their server side of real user monitoring and pageview tracking systems is in Go. A tool written in Golang creates back up of DNS records from Dynect. Further, their time series data acquisition and storage daemon were rewritten from Ruby to Go. They have used Go in several other instances too. Basecamp has gone on to use Golang successfully in several projects.

If you feel your organization could benefit from projects developed using Golang drop us a message. We will be delighted to create some trailblazing Business Solutions for your enterprise.

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