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Golang is a modern computing language meant for modern needs such as cloud computing, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and more. Google employees Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson developed Golang to overcome the limitations of C++ such as compile time, concurrency and speed. Golang combines some features of a static typed language such as C++ with the feel of a dynamic language like Python. Created as recently as 2009, several versions of Go have been released till date to keep the language compatible with modern computing needs.

Golangs scalability and concurrency coupled with its speed and easy compilation make it perfect for Growth hungry enterprises looking for innovative solutions. Some of the main reasons why Golang based solutions are profitable for businesses and commercial purposes are:

Fast Go-To-Market:
Your solution is ready to hit the market in no time due to rapid development and

Cross Platform Support:
Golang applications run seamlessly across all applications, saving costs of separate

Safe Code:
Golang’s safe and secure code means even fundamental changes to the app do not cause the application to malfunction.

Lets your platform handle several simultaneous tasks without any additional

Garbage Collection:
Fast performance due to efficient Garbage collection, will ensure that your app is always functioning at amp speed.

How to Hire Golang Developers?

Some people believe that Golang is a relatively new language which is why it must lack a resource pool of experienced developers. However Golang has a wide resource of standard libraries and an established Gopher community all of which collaborates to form a highly experienced resource pool of developers.

You can either choose to hire Golang developers from freelance sites of from companies which are into Golang development. Freelance sites will offer you several developer profiles and you are free to pick as per your project requirements. It is an ideal choice to visit these sites if you are looking for developers for small project of a short duration. However for mid size to big projects you need to have the kind of assistance that you get from a development company where you are provided with committed resources for a longer period. When you hire developers from such a company the company is accountable for the developers dedication solely towards your project and he/she does not work on other projects. This ensures better work management. Also since there is a project manager assigned to each project, issues such as cost escalation, project delay etc are extremely rare. Thus depending on your requirement you could hire Golang Developers from any of the following sources:

Codementor(https://www.codementor.io/): It is one of the largest community for developer mentorship and is an on-demand marketplace for software developers. You can get instant help on coding and even building projects from scratch.

Upwork(https://www.upwork.com/): Upwork is an extremely popular platform for hiring freelancers. You can hire freelance Golang developers for your project very easily.

Qwentic Consulting Pvt. ltd(https://www.qwentic.com/blog/hire-golang-developers/): Qwentic is a top Golang Development Company. They specialize in Golang and their team comprises of extremely experienced Golang developers. They have worked on using Golang for developing Analytics Application, Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Applications, Recommendation Engines, Ecommerce platforms and much more.

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