4 Hiring: App Automation Engineer at Bitrise

bitrise.io posted by Bitrise 1381 days ago  

Our tooling team works on ever-expanding tools built around the platform, such as our integration library and CLI, making developers' lives easier. We're looking for someone to join our tooling team and help us expand our set of integrations and keep them up-to-date. Writing open-source code is also a core part of our mentality so we'll be happy if you already have a GitHub account.

  • Building open source automation tools using cutting edge technologies like Go
  • Step/integration development and maintenance
  • Working on new features and integrations for our Bitrise CLI
  • Collaborating with users and being active in the community
  • Streamlining the app development process and automating everything
You must have:
  • Development experience on at least one of iOS, Android, Xamarin, React Native, Ionic or Cordova platforms
  • Worked on multiple mobile projects
  • Experience of mobile app distribution to app stores and code signing
  • Experience with multiple programming languages
  • bash/shell/terminal experience using cocoapods, carthage, gradlew, fastlane or similar tools
  • Experience with Git and pull request based development
Big plus if you have experience in:
  • Continuous integration experience
  • At least two years experience of mobile development
  • Experience on multiple mobile platforms
  • Experience with test driven/behaviour driven development
  • Experience using virtualization tools (Vagrant, Docker, etc.)
  • At least one year of experience with scripting and developing command line tools
  • In depth experience with scripting and command line tools
  • Experience working on developer tools/CLI tools written in Go, Ruby, Bash, Swift or Python
  • Deep knowledge of macOS or Linux systems
  • Worked with or, even better, built REST APIs
  • Worked on open source projects
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