• The main advantage I've seen in using Go (comparing to Ruby, rather than Python), is a vast decrease in memory usage. This site is running on a $5 DO instance at present, and seems to handle load of up to 100 concurrent users on that fine (when load testing), which is pretty good for such a tiny instance. The caddy process is taking up roughly 4%, docker 5% and the go backend around 2%, so memory profiles are pretty minimal, and performance is pretty good. I'd definitely recommend it replacing nginx (which I was using previously) - the config files are v. similar slightly better if anything, and the proxy stuff works in a very similar way, so it's a smooth transition.

    Caddy is based on the net/http code from the golang std lib so it's pretty solid and likewise doesn't take up much memory. Nice that it gets things like http2 for free as well as the great work on tls. I haven't been using it for very long, but am happy with it so far. Will report back after I've tried it on a few other sites, and used it for longer.