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  • The repo for this project is here:

  • Considering using this for the fragmenta cms at some point - it'd be nice for something like a blog addition to a main webapp to be able to register as a plugin, including views, styles and code. At the moment the code bit is the missing part of this, as code has to be compiled with the app rather than supplied separately. I think a plugin system for webapps would not be too tricky to set up and could have a very simple interface.

    As the article points out, are still significant limitations with the support in 1.8 though, so it's not ready yet - Windows is not supported and the Mac OS support is broken. I'm slightly worried by the requirement to have plugins built with the same version of the go runtime, as that would complicate things significantly.

  • On this topic, an interesting thread from bketelsen on twitter about a common logging interface for Go:

  • I've edited the title as it was a bit long and added an auth tag. Please try to keep titles short and include the name of the package. Also for code it's better to link to the repo url.

  • Thanks for this post, it looks like an interesting approach - verbose but avoids the problem of reflecting to get types of logged items, or assuming that they will be of a certain type, by requiring you to log using functions for each item.

  • Another popular option is logrus, and fragmenta (that's the libraries used to build this site) has just switched to structured logging too - I do think it's the future.

  • @iris-go, happy to see you took my advice and are posting under an identifiable account. Can I just ask what you're using this for? I think it would be interesting to see concrete apps solving a real problem you had, for example a forum, blog, spa or other web app. Are you actively using it (as opposed to developing it)?