• Add another to PHP. A note I will make is that when I try to explain Go to other devs I say "It does for static languages what Python did for dynamic ones"

    Prior to Python I would have to say Perl was a top dog in dynamic languages, doesn't mean that people went from Perl to Python it just means that Python simplified things in dynamic programming that were otherwise very cumbersome.

    Maybe this captured the hearts of C programmers and users of other like languages that would have liked dynamic languages but either thought the current solutions weren't good enough or were too complex and it might be quicker to implement in their native language.

    Similarly Go does the inverse, people that thought static languages were too cumbersome for a lot of use cases, now flock to Go because it writes as fast as Python but runs like C.

    Overall interesting article and I would like to see more data on this, could help shift the education of go resulting in better propagation.