• This is quite interesting. There's a bunch of things I've always wanted to automate about my systems that I never got around to b/c netlink isn't super fun to work with. The blog post is well written, provides some useful examples and explains some terminology that might be confusing otherwise.

    I like the package but I find myself disagreeing a bit about the "well documented" part. Though some functions are well documented, for a lot of them the documentation basically states the function signature. I also find the lack of examples a bit frustrating. Though there are two for the main package they don't really do anything very interesting.

    For example, I can imagine a common thing people might want to do with something that speaks netlink is get or change routes (ip route ...) or create, configure and destroy interfaces (ip addr, ip link ...). I would very much love to see a set of examples that show how common things you'd do with the ip utility could be implemented with this instead.