• This is more of academic interest than anything at this point, but it's a cool hack. I agree the readme is not clear but it's probably just a little toy project at this point and not meant for lots of other people. I saw it on twitter from Brad. From the notes:

    // This is an experimental, pre-alpha, technology preview package. Performance
    // is not (yet) a priority. When this virtual machine approach, hopefully,
    // reaches a reasonable levels of completeness and correctness, the plan is to
    // eventually mechanically translate the IR form, produced by
    // http://github.com/cznic/ccir, to Go. Unreadable Go, presumably.

    Looks like the ambition is a straight port of sqlite to go code, so that they don't require cgo. Would be nice to see that happen as it is really useful to have an embeddable db which you can use anywhere. There are issues with sqlite that might not mesh well with go long term though, as I don't think it has support for concurrent writes, which is a bit of a problem if you fire off lots of goroutines in a go server.