10 Go 1.8 beta released

beta.golang.org posted by kenny 2756 days ago  

Golang.org have just released go1.8 beta 1, a beta version of Go 1.8. It is cut from the master branch at the revision tagged go1.8beta1. There are no known problems or regressions. Please try running production workloads and your unit tests with the new version. It is important that we find bugs *before* issuing a release candidate. The release candidate is planned for the first week of January. Your help in testing this beta is invaluable.

Report any problems using the issue tracker:

You can download binary and source distributions from the usual place:

To find out what has changed in Go 1.8, read the draft release notes:

Documentation for Go 1.8 is available at:

Our goal is to release the final version of Go 1.8 on February 1st.
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