4 Gini - a fast, clean SAT solver written in go

github.com godoc.org goreportcard.com posted by kenny 1698 days ago  

The SAT problem is perhaps the most famous NP-complete problem. As such, SAT solvers can be used to try to solve hard problems, such as travelling salesman or RSA cracking. In practice, many SAT problems are quite easy (but not decryption problems...yet). The solvers are used in software verification, hardware verification and testing, AI planning, routing, etc.

The SAT problem is a Boolean problem. All variables can either be true or false, but nothing else. The SAT problem solves systems of Boolean constraints, called clauses. Namely, SAT solvers work on conjunctive normal form problems (CNFs). There are many ways to efficiently code arbitrary logic into CNF, so this is not so much a restricting factor.

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