7 Video: Simplifying Storage by David Howden

youtube.com posted by kenny 2647 days ago  

File storage is a core part of most applications, yet cloud based object storage has complicated file access from an application perspective, as although conceptually the application only cares about the files being stored, the actual implementation details can vary quite considerably and in many cases this impacts testing, deployment, etc. This talk is largely about how to abstract the underlying details into an interface to greatly simplify file based storage at an application level. This is not only a useful abstraction, but also a great example of how interfaces work in the Go language. The solution ends up being elegantly simple and yet easily extendable.

Previously a mathematician specialising in computational algebra, David is now a software engineer at Sajari, working on machine learning powered search technology. He spends most of his time building distributed systems and services using Go, gRPC and Kubernetes.

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