9 Gopherjs 1.8.1 is released

medium.com posted by kenny 2684 days ago  

Some of the highlights of changes that have gone into the new release include:

  • GopherJS now generates more optimized code for bounds checking. It has led to significant performance increases, up to 20–50% as measured by go1 benchmarks. It helps fmt, regexp, crypto and slice manipulation heavy code the most.
  • A bug in combination of defer and blocking code has been fixed.
  • Examples (ExampleFoo()) are now supported and executed during tests.
  • Support for build tags and --benchtime parameter for thegopherjs test command has been added.
  • In package net/http, request’s context is now used for request cancelation.
  • Some situations where errors should be reported, but weren’t, are now fixed (e.g., string bounds checking and assignment to underscore).
  • Various improvements to GopherJS error messages, exit codes, source maps, documentation, limitations, and contributing guidelines have been made.
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