10 Go Microservices blog series

callistaenterprise.se posted by lolly 2688 days ago  

In this blog series we’ll build Microservices using the Go programming language and piece by piece add the necessary integrations to make them run nicely on Docker Swarm within a Spring Cloud / Netflix OSS landscape. If you’re unsure what a microservice is, I suggest reading Martin Fowler’s article about them. For more about the operations model for microservices, this blog post from my colleague Magnus explains the key concepts really well. This blog series won’t be a beginner’s guide to coding in Go, though we will nevertheless write some code as we progress through the series and I’ll explain some key Go concepts along the way. We’ll be looking at a lot of code especially during the first parts where we’ll cover basic functionality, unit testing and other core topics. Part one will be an introduction to key concepts and the rationale for exploring the possibilities with Go-based microservices.

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