2 Hiring: Lead Software Engineer at Rapid7

rapid7.com posted by gopher 313 days ago  

At Rapid7, you’ll join a world class team of thinkers and problem solvers who prioritize individual growth and team collaboration over ego and attitude, while building products that solve the world’s toughest security challenges.

You’ll deliver the future of the Komand Security Automation and Orchestration Platform, leading major development projects, and working closely with other engineers, UX designers, and product owners.  In addition to being responsible for feature delivery, you’ll participate in every aspect of product development from design and planning, through implementation, code reviews and testing, to deployment.

Successful candidates should not only be technology wizards, but have a demonstrated focus on solving customer problems and have experience leading complex projects. You should love being part of a challenging and fast-paced engineering environment, delivering new features quickly with quality. You’ll have the opportunity to mentor junior employees as you grow your own career as a technology leader.

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