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  • On the subject of generics in Go, this is useful reading as it lays out all the possible solutions/pitfalls:

  • This is pretty crazy. Perhaps no more crazy than running desktop operating systems on servers with huge amounts of software which just isn't required for the tiny go services running on them. CoreOS is another similar idea (for servers), and has auto-update.

  • Dupe and was posted with no title, so downvoting.

  • This is a fairly balanced overview - he uses both, but appreciates Go because it's a bit simpler. Scala sounds interesting and far more concise than Go, but I'd be worried about whether my future self would understand what I'd written 6 months ago.

  • What is the performance like with just regexp?

  • A few things which are not quite right:

    > The biggest difference between the two languages is that compilation for the destination architecture has to be done on that same architecture.

    Go supports easy cross compilation, I'm not sure why people choose to compile on the destination hosts rather than just deploy a binary.

    > By contrast, Go has no way of tracking the execution of individual goroutines.

    As he goes on to say you can use channels for this, so it's a little disingenuous to claim that you can't track errors on goroutines.

    Really interesting comparison though. Thanks for the link.

  • I'm seeing a weird cert error in Brave, anyone else seeing that?

  • Took a while to get to the bit about go, but there is lots of detail on their setup in this talk.

  • One thing that is broken by this release: js microtemplates no longer work with html/template if their delimiter uses <>, as they are escaped by the parser as text (they used to be treated as js).