8 Restic Systems Backup Setup, Part 4

kula.tproa.net posted by andythomas 2339 days ago  

This is Part 4 of my series on building a restic-based system backup series. The rest of the articles can be found here.


A goal from the start of this project has been replicating backup date to multiple locations. A long personal and professional history of dealing with backups leads me to the mantra that it isn't backed up until it's backed up to three different locations. Restic has several features which make this easy: backend storage (to a first approximation) is treated as append only — a blob, one stored, is never touched although may be deleted as part of expiring snapshots. Second, everything is encrypted, so you can feel as safe spreading your data to any number of cost-effective storage providers as you trust restic's encryption setup (which I generally trust).

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