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  • Good article.

  • Wow, that was a deep dive, not what I expected at all, but really interesting, thanks.

  • Not sure about this one - seems to be a lot of logging and testing packages there, but that's just because everyone does those things, and many people reach for a library to help them test after coming from other languages which required it. Personally I find the built-in testing absolutely fine with table driven tests, sub-tests, I don't feel the need for things like assertions (that's what if is for !).

    The logging is more interesting - perhaps a case there for structured logging in the standard library.

  • Slice sorting is in there at last!

    But what does go bug do, it's not really explained in the slides?

  • heh, great to see these screencasts with a real game being built, rather than abstract examples. Keep at it francesc!

  • This is full of good news. Esp. nice that the first priority stated is to make programming easier for Go users (pragmatism above all). I like that they're looking at generics again, but it doesn't sound like that'll land any time soon. Overall a really nice thoughtful overview of what the Go team (or this member of it anyway) is thinking. Not sure I understood the immutability bit.

  • This looks really great, is anyone using it for a real app? It does require you to build in support for a given service though - would be perfect if someone made a package that let you self-deploy instantly to any of the popular services or VPS providers, so that users could instantly self-deploy. This was the promise of containers but it doesn't feel quite ready for that yet.