6 Video: Matt Layher - Implementing a Network Protocol in Go

youtube.com posted by iris-go 2082 days ago  

- Medium article: https://medium.com/@mdlayher/network-protocol-breakdown-ndp-and-go-3dc2900b1c20

Modern computer networks are incredibly complex, and a huge variety of different network protocols are used to enable communication between machines. Learning how these protocols make computer networks possible is a fascinating and rewarding exercise! At their core, network protocols are no more than a series of bytes on a wire that can be used to encode structured messages.

Matt’s tutorial session will focus on lessons learned during implementation of an IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) package in Go. NDP is used to enable IPv6 hosts and routers to identify each other on a local network, similar to how ARP is used in IPv4. It is chosen specifically because it is a well-designed and straightforward protocol that can be easily explored on a typical network using tools like tcpdump and wireshark.

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