1 Book Release: Go For DevOps

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In the book you will find:
* The basics of Go (including the 1.18 generics addition)
* Using Go with various encoding formats
* Building basic REST and gRPC services
* Applying Go to automate local system tasks
* Utilizing Go to automate those same tasks on thousands of machines
* Building a system agent to manage your machines (physical or virtual)
* Constructing a ChatOps bot with Slack to enhance visibility of operations
* Writing a Terraform provider
* Enhancing Packer to build system images on AWS
* Extending Kubernetes with the Operators SDK
* Embracing OpenTelemetry for telemetry data using Jaeger and Prometheus
* Using Azure's Go API to manipulate cloud services
* Avoiding Chaos in your DevOps services that have disrupted major FANG companies
* Constructing your own extendable, centralized workflow service with a policy server
* And much more...

Author proceeds go to Doctors without Borders. 
Check out the announcement here:

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