4 Backer - docker container backup.

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Think about a small company that have to build fast and easy realiable services for a intranet (eg. gitlab, jenkins ...) The fastest way is to deploy this services as a docker containers and manage them for example with a reverse proxy... Taking care about the backup system is an heavvy work, I ended up building this small utility. At this time I only need to do local backups for the active and running containers and their mounted volumes.

info command

I'm not sure about the info command, if it's worth and useful i will do it right :)


  backer [type] [flags]
  backer [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  info        retrieve informations about backups previously done
  list        list current available backups
  version     shows the version of the executable

  -h, --help            help for backer
      --outDir string   output directory for saving backups (default "backup")



backer full Executes a full backup for all active and running containers.


  backer restore [containerName] [revision] [flags]

backer restore test 06.11.2018_16.03.48
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